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Life of Christ - CD-MP3

Audio CD-MP3

Life of Christ Audio Course (BI 212)
  by Greg Poulos, M.Div.
This course is available in several audio formats

Life of ChristA chronological study of the life of Christ on earth based on a study of a harmony of the Gospel accounts.  It is designed to familiarize the student thoroughly with the Lord’s ministry in order that any portion of the Gospel records may be related to the place, time and circumstances of Christ’s life on earth.

Listen to an excerpt from the Life of Christ course.

Ordering Choices:

  •  Printed spiral-bound notes only: $13.95 USD
  •  Twelve C-90 Audio Cassette tapes in vinyl album + bound course notes: $53.90 USD
  •  On-Line MP3 + PDF course notes: $29.95 USD (streaming audio from website)
  •  CD-MP3 in jewel case + bound course notes: $43.90 USD
  •  CD-MP3 in jewel case + PDF course notes: $29.95 USD

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