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Theology IV CD-MP3

Audio CD-MP3

Theology IV Audio Course (ST 422)
  by C. Norman Sellers, Th.D.
This course is available in several audio formats

This is a college level course that is equal to three semester hours.  This course deals with three major areas of doctrinal study; doctrinal systems, ecclesiology, and eschatology. Doctrinal systems are concerned with the main theological positions within conservative Christianity,Theology IV Audio Course i.e., covenant theology and dispensationalism. Ecclesiology studies the origin, organization, and mission of the Church. Various current practices and problems within local churches are discussed. Eschatology presents the Biblical basis for the premillennial view of future events. The prophetic programs for the Gentiles, Israel, and the Church are studied. The various rapture theories are also examined. This course is suitable for group or private study.

The twenty-four lessons are approximately forty-five minutes each in length.  The course is offered in four formats: twelve C-90 audio cassettes, on-line audio MP3 (streaming audio from website), and audio compact MP3 disc with professional interface in jewel case with printed spiral-bound or PDF course notes.

Listen to an excerpt from the Theology IV course.

Ordering Choices:

  •  Printed Spiral-bound Notes Only: $13.95 USD
  •  Twelve C-90 Audio Cassette tapes in vinyl album + Bound Course Notes: $53.90 USD
  •  On-Line MP3 + PDF Course Notes: $29.95 USD (streaming audio from website)
  •  CD-MP3 in jewel case + Bound Course Notes: $43.90 USD
  •  CD-MP3 in jewel case + PDF Course Notes: $29.95 USD

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