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Angels, Demons, Satan CD-MP3

Audio CD-MP3

Angels, Demons, Satan Audio Seminar
  by C. Norman Sellers, Th.D.
This seminar is available in several audio formats

This six-part audio seminar examines the general topic of angels, and specifically a study of demons and Satan.  The angelic realm is studied in relation to their Angels, Demons, Satan Audio Seminarwork of God and our relation to them.

The seminar sessions are approximately forty-five minutes each in length.  The seminar is offered in three audio formats: three C-90 audio cassettes, on-line audio MP3 (streaming audio from website), and audio compact MP3 disc with professional interface in jewel case.  An accompanying study guide is included with each order.  Additional study guides for group study are also available.

Listen to an excerpt from Angels, Demons, Satan seminar.

Ordering Choices:

  •  Three C-90 Audio cassette tapes in vinyl album + Study Guide: $18.95 USD
  •  On-Line MP3 + Study Guide: $11.95 USD (audio streaming audio from website)
  •  CD-MP3 with professional interface in jewel case + Study Guide: $12.95 USD

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