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Spiritual Gifts Audio Seminar

Audio CD-MP3

Spiritual Gifts Audio Seminar
  by C. Norman Sellers, Th.D.
This seminar is available in several audio formats

Spiritual Gifts seminar was recorded with the Greek Parthenon as the backdrop.  The biblical gifts are discussed as to meaning, importance, and use in the early Church.  A large segment is devoted to the gift of tongues in the early Church and how it impacts the Church Spiritual Gifts Audio Seminartoday.   This is an excellent study for both adult and college-level classes, suitable also for retreats, adult Bible classes, or any setting meeting for thirty-five minutes or more.

The series is divided into twelve lessons, with each lesson concluding with questions for discussion and reflection.  The class may watch to the lesson while taking notes in their study guides, after which discuss the material guided by the questions at the end of each lesson.  Therefore, this seminar is very suitable for group or private study.

An accompanying study guide is included with each order.  Additional study guides for group study are also available.

Ordering Choices:

  •  Six C-90 Audio Cassette tapes in vinyl album + Study Guide: $18.95 USD
  •  On-Line MP3 + Study Guide: $11.95 USD (audio streaming audio from website)
  •  CD-MP3 with professional interface in jewel case + Study Guide: $12.95 USD

Recommended Reading (available from our bookstore):

Spiritual Gifts seminar is also available here on DVD from our bookstore.

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